Seek first to Understand.


Founded SEEKR as a one-man band in 2019 before finding his tribe. Born in SA, splits his time between London, Cape Town, and The Med (he hates a winter). Worked in recruitment for his entire career. The serious bits anyway. Focussed on leadership hires. Lead engineer through to CTO. Outside of work into exploring his surroundings on two wheels. Pedals or petrol on-road or off.


The only member of the SEEKR team who can sail. Dune as he is known to most. Don’t ask - nobody can remember why he is called that. Gave up a cushy job in an investment bank to join the SEEKR crew because he loves remote work and splits his time between London, Cape Town and Southern Germany. Dune is all things operational at SEEKR and externally he recruits for DevOps and SRE’s as they are "his kind of people".


Started her career in HR and moved into recruitment as she has way too much personality for that corporate life. Sandra keeps the team laughing and keeps it light with her humor and warm energy. Specializes in finding full stack and front end developers in the JavaScript / TypeScript ecosystem.  Outside of work, she has her hands full raising the first black Spiderman.


The teacher, or she was and we don’t think she has completely let go. Picks up the team on grammar in email campaigns and makes sure the candidate database is tidy and properly maintained. Most likely to bring snacks to team meetings. When not making sure the rest of the team have their socks firmly pulled up Kezza spends her time looking for Python developers and DevOps peeps who can code.


The first to take a chance and join SEEKR. The original and still the best (her words). Kim has a phenomenal work rate and she is the lady to talk to about hiring backend engineers. In her spare time? Kim has 3 kids and in her spare time, she enjoys getting 90 mins of sleep a night. Kim’s skinny shoulders form the pillar of SEEKR’s delivery team. We don’t know how she does it all but she does it beautifully.


When he heard there was a job going as an "office dog" that actually did not require him to spend any time in an office Rocky knew he had found his forever home. He maintains that he was hired for his looks but like everyone else on the team it was his personality that got him the "yes". Rocky's primary role is chasing clients who take too long to feedback on interviews. 


The London Microservices meetup is one of the tech meetups that I help organise. The group is technically agnostic and exists to provide a forum for people to share their experiences of “slaying the monolith”. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month.Find more info here