Platform Engineer (Filled/Closed)

Discipline: Platform Engineer
Job type: Permanent
Published: about 1 month ago


Many companies and job adverts seek engineers with Kubernetes and platform knowledge with a range of suspects (Istio, Prometheus, Grafana etc.) thrown into the mix.

If you hold these skills, you have a unique advantage that you can pick from all of these opportunities. It is also a disadvantage for you because there are too many adverts to read. 

What is different about this one?

Our client is a Japanese Fintech that is established already in Japan and is now looking to become the Revolut/Monzo for commercial credit/debit cards in the UK and EU (and further). Their offering is Visa-issued and the company is obsessed with a slick client onboard and support mechanism. The backend reporting is very clever and ties in with accounting software to ensure businesses are easily able to manage corporate expenses. As you will likely imagine, they are growing. Quickly. 

Because of this, they are looking for 3 senior Platform Engineers to share the load of running the platform, focusing on four key areas; Security, Observability, Dev Efficiency and Networks. 

The incumbent team will have a chance to join when they can make a real difference and work with some talented people on open-source software - the existing engineers already contribute to and take part in the Open-source software (OSS) space. They are playing a part in Istio, Loki, NATS, Crossplane.

If you are interested in Service Mesh (especially Istio), Observability, and Security and have a few years of Platform, SRE or DevOps experience then this may very well be the advert that you need to apply to. Especially if you are looking to take a very active role in OSS and work on something that is growing. 

Location: The role is fully remote and you can set your own working hours. You would of course need to bear in mind that whilst the CTO is London-based, a lot of the team is in Japan and some meetings are booked well in advance. 

Want to know more? 

All you need to do is send us your CV, if you don’t have one ready then just send a PDF of your LinkedIn profile, If you are not on LinkedIn start a word document and write a few lines about what you are working on now and why you think this might be interesting. We don't care how you get in touch, we just hope that you do!