​Senior Developer Enablement Engineer (Filled/Closed)

Discipline: Software Engineering, Backend Engineer
Published: about 1 month ago

Senior Developer Enablement Engineer

Are you a Senior Software Engineer with experience in building developer tools or a keen interest in doing so in the future? If yes, are you interested in being a founding member of the future of a Developer Enablement team? 

In this role, you will be able to grow an internal tooling platform and a range of cross-cutting internal tools used by the wider organisation development teams. Your team will build new design patterns and automation frameworks that make developer teams more efficient and effective.

Developer Enablement is a critical piece of our client's future success. As a Senior Enablement Engineer, you will create innovative automated solutions that enable developers to stay productive as they continue to add product features and functionalities. You will also design and develop best-in-industry solutions for the build, CI, release workflow, deployment automation and environment management. 

This role requires someone with strong experience in development and analytical skills to measure operational performance across all aspects of developer experience. It also requires working closely with developers, architects and engineering teams to keep the overall development process highly efficient and right-sized for success.

Company Overview: With a million customers already growing, this UK-based business helps people consolidate their monthly household bills and uses its collective bargaining power to negotiate amazing discounts. Delivering high-quality service to that number of customers requires a brilliant technology department. Payments, Customer Data, Customer support tools, Supplier integrations, and Spending Insights are some areas requiring constant innovation. 

Want to know more? 

Send us your CV, or if you have not written it yet, send us a PDF of your LinkedIn profile, not on LinkedIn; send us your old CV and add a line at the top to let us know it is not updated. Or add two lines to a blank word document about what you are currently working on and send us that. We don’t care how you get in touch. We want the chance to learn a bit more about you and tell you a bit more about this role. 

Location, Salary and Technology:

Location: Remote from the UK, South Africa, Spain, Romania

Salary: £85-95k - dependent on experience. Senior role.

Number of positions: Two, possibly another in the near future.

Key tech/Knowledge; Python (Go a bonus), Kubernetes, Ci/CD, CLI, AWS, GCP, Kafka 

Interview Process: 2 rounds, the first round is 45 minutes with the Engineering Manager, then another round consisting of 90 minutes of pair programming with the team.