DevOps Engineer

Location United Kingdom
Discipline: Platform Engineer , Site Reliability Engineer, DevOps, SRE and Platform Engineering , DevOps Engineer
Salary: £70000
Contact name: Mark

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Published: 14 days ago

​You're a DevOps Engineer and may have already automated yourself out of a job (or two). You are now looking to work with other DevOps engineers on interesting problems that will likely be solved with Kubernetes or whatever comes next...

Let's take it a little further - does this sound like you?

  • Possible started as a sys admin a good few years ago

  • Highly skilled in Azure, Kubernetes, and Terraform for container orchestration, infrastructure provisioning, and management.

  • You are the go-to person wherever you work, as you can untie and resolve the sickest technical issues.

If you answered yes to the previous questions, it may indicate that this job fits you well. However, if you feel a strong yes for the next set of statements, it will almost certainly guarantee it:

  • You'd enjoy being an Individual Contributor with some elements of mentoring junior engineers.

  • You're heavily interested in Kubernetes, Cloud, and monitoring and are keen to stay as current as possible.

  • You're looking to carve out a Senior engineer roel for yourself in the next 18 months.

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer who wants to work remotely with a team of experienced DevOps engineers who orchestrate a system used by over 1500 UK veterinary practices to help them deliver the best care to the animals they look after. Beyond its well-established customer base in the UK, the company plans to expand into the US market, where animal healthcare is worth 11 billion dollars.

The software provides a suite of systems enabling appointment management, patient histories, reminders of scheduled follow-ups, customer billing, and supplier integrations for seamless stock management. The company that owns it is publicly traded, profitable, and looking to grow. The technical challenges are complex and will become more so until they are all brought under your complete control.


  • Is it remote the majority of the time? Yes. The company has offices across the UK, but the DevOps team only meets unless there is a good reason to do so; when they do, the cost of travel is covered.

  • Can I work outside of the UK? No. You would need to be registered for and pay tax in the UK. It is sometimes possible to work for short periods outside the UK, but this would be agreed upon with your line manager on a case-by-case basis.

  • What is the salary? £70 000 (10% annual bonus) + benefits