Network driven recruitment focusing on Development and DevOps

Seek first to understand.
This is the guiding principle behind SEEKR. It is our desire to truly understand the world of technology and the people in it that sets us apart. As a candidate, understanding you is central to everything we do. We work with people who know what they are looking for (sometimes we help them define what that is). Then we help them find it. Simple. We pride ourselves in putting your interests first. We give you the best advice we can and share all the relevant information we have to help you make an informed decision. We hold a long-term view and believe that the values lies in the relationship not in a single interaction. We work hard to build and nurture meaningful partnerships. We don’t want to be part of your job search we would like to help you navigate your career. 

If you are a client, expect to engage with a business that knows the market and can help you figure out how you compare to other businesses vying for the attention of the strongest Developers and DevOps engineers. Our goal is to help you understand your audience and your prospects of appealing to them. We will help you refine your message and deliver it directly to the people you most want to receive it. Be prepared for a very frank appraisal of how realistically your hiring goals match your hiring pull.  We only work with companies we believe in.   
Who are SEEKR? We are a small team from very different walks of life. Some of us have been recruiters for longer than we can remember and some of us were recently school teachers or working for an Investment Bank. We all believe that building a healthy network of relationships is key to our success. We have lived and worked in different geographies and walked different paths but we are all currently focused on technology as we believe it is the sector most likely to transform the world we live and work in and we want to be part of that.
What is SEEKR? SEEKR is a recruitment company that resides somewhere between a network and a community. It is partly a business and partly a social experiment. In the age of faceless communication through electronics and metric-driven “talent acquisition” is there a place for putting people back at the forefront of what this is all about?  This is the question we are looking to answer. Everything we do is about creating a personal experience for the people who chose us to help them navigate their careers. We want to build a network that has lasting value for the people in it. We love the fact that we get to deal with people from every imaginable background and help them find work that they find meaningful. It is a privilege to be able to do something we enjoy to earn a living.
Where? London (we live here) South Africa (we live here too) and Europe (we spend a lot of time here). The team is split between London and South Africa and we recruit for roles in the UK and EU with primary hubs in London and Berlin. We work fully remote and we enjoy spending time in the physical world with people from all corners of our network. Meet us in London, Cape Town, Joburg, Berlin, or anywhere in between.  


Oliver is an experienced recruiter who invests his time to truly understand his clients’ and his candidates’ needs. I found Oliver’s insight and advice very valuable. He is truly passionate about finding the right people for his roles and he goes out of his way to learn about what skills it takes to successfully fulfill the requirements, his knowledge goes far deeper than “buzzwords”.Tom - Head of Engineering, Utility Company
Upon first working with Oliver he quickly proved himself to be a cut-above his competitors, with his ability to understand the business and requirements of the particular role, and most importantly, deliver. Oliver became a trusted partner whereby we could both have honest and no-nonsense conversations. Oliver has always gone above and beyond with offering market insights and benchmarking when asked or even when he thinks something is worth sharing. I can’t recommend Oliver highly enough.Lucy - HR Director, Capital Markets business. 
Oliver is without doubt one of the best recruiters I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Trustworthy, technically savvy and pragmatic are not necessarily traits you would associate with every recruiter, but certainly set Oliver apart from the rest. Having worked with Oliver for a number of years, it is clear he has an innate ability to understand his clients needs and translate that into highly relevant profiles. The open and frank conversations that we have ultimately allow me to make the right decisions quicker and coupled with Oliver's ability to close a deal, leads to a very fruitful relationship. I wholeheartedly recommend Oliver.Andy - Director, Online travel business
Working with Oliver on finding my next role has been a pleasure. He was able to understand my motivations and recommended positions accordingly. His good relationship with a broad range of interesting tech companies--in addition to Banks--plus his great advice before and after interviews are invaluable. I will definitely work with Oliver again in the future.Ricardo - Lead engineer, Challenger bank 
I have worked with Oliver for more than 5 years and he has always been outstanding at what he does. When he was recruiting developers for my team, I could always count on his candidates being very well vetted and have never had a bad hire. When I was looking for work myself, Oliver was my first go-to person and I was in a contract within days. Always very professional and a pleasure to do business with.Roman - CTO, IoT start up
I first met Kim through a personalized video she sent to me introducing herself and trying to see if I was looking for new opportunities. It's was this type of out of the box thinking and go getter attitude that draw my attention. Kim kept impressing me with how well she understood what I was looking for as well as how fast and accurate where the opportunities she came back with. I definitely owe Kim my career jumps and couldn't recommend her services enough!Hugo R - Solutions Architect
Kim has a great understanding of the Software Engineering field along with the state of the market, and her recruitment skills reflect this. She's been great to work with because of her efficient communication and clear guidance on how candidates should navigate the hiring process. She has successfully placed me in a short timeframe with a position that suits me perfectly, and this is a perfect indication of her ability to understand developers, what they're looking for, and how to connect the two together.Shan S - Software Engineer
Kim helped me land a job that I am very passionate about. Kim assisted me throughout the entire recruitment process. Kim was professional, friendly, supportive and, most importantly, eager to understand exactly what I was looking for in a software development role. I am very grateful that I had the pleasure of working with Kim and would, without reservation, recommend her!Aiden W - Serverless Software Engineer
Sandra displayed professionalism and determination when she approached me with a job opportunity, that actually fitted me. Her constant communication along the way, ensured that everything was going well, and now I am about to begin my new role, all thanks to her great work.Konstantinos M - React Developer
The first time Sandra contacted me, her discretion, courtesy and professionalism were immediately apparent. She explained to me about a suitable working position for my role and led the process smoothly to the end where she managed to secure the best result for me. I definitely suggest Sandra to help you take your next professional step.Krikor T - Front End Developer
Kim helped me land a job that I am very passionate about. Kim assisted me throughout the entire recruitment process. Kim was professional, friendly, supportive and, most importantly, eager to understand exactly what I was looking for in a software development role. I am very grateful that I had the pleasure of working with Kim and would, without reservation, recommend her!Tim G - JavaScript Engineer