Low level engineer (C++ / Rust / Go)

Discipline: Software Engineering, Backend Engineer
Published: 7 months ago

Low level engineer (C++ / Rust / Go)

Truly challenging work is actually quite difficult to find. Consider this advert a big green flag. 

Lots of job adverts talk about “building distributed systems at scale” but do they really have the numbers to back it up? Where a company has been around long enough to have seriously impressive user numbers has the interesting work all been done? Are they too big to innovate? Are they a social media company that wants to farm their users’ data? Are they a start-up that thinks they will have a million users but have no idea how they will actually get there? 

This business is none of those things they already have 12 million users and their product actually helps people protect their privacy on the internet from the prying eyes of all kinds of digital bad actors (including those working for FAANG.inc). The team at SEEKR is helping them in their mission by finding them awesome software engineers to join a new squad in Berlin (remote roles are also available). 

Here is what is on offer; 

  • Technically challenging work – work on software with millions of users across the globe running on in excess of 5000 servers. If your code breaks thousands of people lose their access to the internet. Resilience is baked into everything you do. 

  • Culture of innovation – You will have the chance to spend a fair amount of time in this role wearing an R&D hat and looking at writing software to test new ideas. One of the team leads we spoke to has already registered 3 patents in his time there! 

  • Friendly colleagues – This is a global business that feels like a friendly start-up. The teams are small, they care about culture and the lack of big egos means there is plenty of space to create your own niche. 

What do they need from you? 

  • If you don’t code in C/C++ right now you probably did in the past 

  • You are fascinated by the internals of various all various operating systems. Your code will form the bedrock for applications teams building for Linux, Windows, Andriod, and iOS. You will likely already have a deep understanding of one of the above and you have written cross-platform code in the past. 

  • Go or Rust is on your radar and you are itching to try these languages out in an environment that would truly test their capabilities 

How do you get involved? 

Apply to this advert. Simple. 

Send your CV if it is ready, send an old one if it isn’t. Download your LinkedIn profile as a PDF if you can’t find an old CV and send us that. Have none of those things? Write “CV” at the top of a blank Word document and add three lines as to why you would be a good fit for a low-level programming role. We will get in touch and everyone will get a response.